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Starting over

2017-02-23 14:05:28 by Razac

Was away figuring stuff out. During that time the years just flew by. Lesson learned, if you want to do something just fucking do it...start today.


So now I've started my tattoo artist journey, I wish I started it long ago, but as I said lessons learned, its never too late.



working on portfolio

2011-02-23 09:37:14 by Razac

So Im working on my online portfolio at long last, thought I'd go with a tron look.

content will be in the clouds, with a holographic feel to it. its all going to be in flash so the city is going to seem like its alive, clouds moving, lights pulsing and twinkling etc. should be fun to do.

flash preview

working on portfolio

Wanna play...

2010-11-27 15:14:17 by Razac

...Cataclysm now plz

Now I have no job

2010-05-28 05:25:57 by Razac

been layed having money issues, first to go was the inhouse designer, should have seen it coming >_< Im freelancing for a bit :)

New Job

2009-09-21 11:03:42 by Razac

Yea..I got a new job doing graphic design / flash woooo!

who am I talking to....

at last

2008-03-18 19:09:50 by Razac

I started some new pics......yay?