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New Job

2009-09-21 11:03:42 by Razac

Yea..I got a new job doing graphic design / flash woooo!

who am I talking to....


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2009-10-07 20:32:25

you are talking to newgrounds good sir.
And congratulations on your new job.

Razac responds:

cheers :D


2009-12-19 15:14:02

j00 used 2 kick our asses in the art forum


2010-05-16 10:42:00

You need to post in Art forum more....

Razac responds:

Indeed I do


2010-05-16 23:20:00

for what flash?

Razac responds:

huh? what flash have I done?

not major complicated flash work, just eye candy stuff.


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