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at last

2008-03-18 19:09:50 by Razac

I started some new pics......yay?


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2008-03-20 16:06:28

lol, i doubt it's your fault-hense the images of wow on your userpage

Razac responds:

haha yes that plays a large part in it...damn you WoW


2008-03-25 19:48:28

gah! you're no fun anymore, man. i remeber when you were really active on the forums, and it was a real pleasure to have you around with your art... don't see you much anymore, its a real shame..

Razac responds:

I am indeed sorry. Im gonna try extra hard to get back into the drawing scene


2008-05-12 16:09:29

What's the graphic design stuff you mentioned in TomAzza's thread? That might be worth a look.


2008-07-24 13:19:40

awww....that's really sad that you miss drawing so much. ;_;
go buy yourself some shiny new pencils and a super awesome sketchbook. maybe that will be enough motivation? I like getting new things. I get all excited to experiment with them and use them! lol.
anyway, maybe you could take a drawing class at a community college or something...if you have time at all. because they don't expect you to come to every class. at least not here. next years my senior year and that's what i plan doing, because my school's art program is basic and underfunded. -___-
okay, obviously I've typed to much. so take care!

Razac responds:

sounds like a good idea :3


2008-07-24 20:00:08

Screw you. If you have enough time to make this post, you have enough time to fucking draw. Get a life.

Razac responds:

I doodle plenty, just not full blown 6 hour digital paintings, thats what I miss, should have made it clear, and I dont really like spending 30 mins here 15 there on a painting, I find it comes out better to spend large chunks of time developing an image


2008-08-18 21:14:59



2008-08-19 20:21:38

I'll post regularly if you do, razzle-d


2008-08-20 01:24:29

For the Horde?


2008-09-01 07:56:11



2008-10-18 15:39:29

yay indeed, love the new illidan one so far, even more now that i actually started playin WoW.


2008-12-11 10:45:04

Yay indeed. I can't wait to see them! =]


2008-12-26 06:07:45

So are you coming back?... EVER?

Razac responds:

some day my friend......some day


2009-03-13 12:31:51



2009-05-13 14:03:15

Awesomes whre de be at?


2009-06-04 17:40:51

I just read the british treaty thread. I totally agree with your statements, Britain rocks and we owned more of the world than anyone else. True fact it was like a third of it.

Anywho make more art.