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its a shame that this hasnt had more exposure, it seems the only sure way to get lots of attention in thr art portal is to draw laser ninja cyborgs with tits.

would be a 10, though something about the head of the guitar seems...a bit odd, saying that it does seem like a hard angle to get right.

well done though

crtaranto responds:

Ha ha ha! Laser ninja cyborgs with tits, couldn't have said it better! Thanks for the laugh mate!

pretty darn good

I don't understand why people don't get this picture, obviously you have skill, and its obvious you intended to change the proportions of her face.

The only critism I have are the eyes, specifically the reflections. Any highlights coming off the eye should have a hard edge because its "glassy" and shiney, the reflection you have seems a bit diffused as if the eyes were made plastic.


I believe it to be more than a copy, its just a painted overlay of a photograph of the mural.

you can see the seam where the door is about an inch from the left. the detail lines up to perfectly with the original, and some lines fall bang on target, I think you used the warp tool to take away the fish eye lense effect the photograph gave around the edges.

Oxycottontail responds:

like i said it was an inspiration. should have had more detail in the depiction. sorry for the lack of resource.


I'll try and be as non biased as I can

*clicked 10*

*clicked vote 5*

Just awesome

You've got a good imagination :P

Great job

my only criticism is that it could have done with some more white space, and to give it a more tri colour look, white - dark red - black, other than that its great


Its quite nice, dont be afraid of the 1 pixel brush, zoom right in and sharpen up those edges on the metal, you will be amazed at how much you can make the details pop out by contrasting the edges with light and dark strokes.

ffatboijosh responds:

thx for the advice, ill take into consideration


As a big WoW nut, I approve of this picture * thumbs up*

Its kinda got a cartoony / caricature look about it, which I think is a good spin on the subject, wether or not you intended for this to happen I dont know because its not totally obvious, but that aside it looks great :D

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